Komsomolsk-on-Amur , Ul Strelkovaya 4-ya ,16
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+ 7-495-664-68-40
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The company " Primnefteservis" — a reliable partner in the international shipping market. The company "Primnefteservis" offers its customers a wide range of transport services including the transportation of cargoes from Europe to Asia and CIS countries, container transport and customs clearance services and delivery of goods from Russia to international territories. The best feature of our work is that the number of customers who are fully satisfied with the quality of our services and in the sphere of international road transport. One of the main directions of our work at present is storage of  liquid and dry cargos. Networking and partnership with other transport leaders around the world allow us at present to store and transport cargoes worldwide.

The mission of Primnefteservis is to effectively contribute to the business of clients: quickly, reliably and comprehensively solving their tasks in logistics and delivery of goods in containers. The strategic goal is to increase the capitalization of the company by increasing the scale and efficiency of the business. Primnefteservis strives to use its competitive advantages for maintaining leadership positions in the market, increasing business and increasing its efficiency, as well as further development of services with high added value.

Target business model
A vertically integrated transport and logistics holding company, a carrier of containerized cargoes and a provider of storage services on the territory of the Transportation hub of Europe, Netherland.
ADDRESS                                                   PHONE NUMBER                                           EMAIL
Strelkovaya 4-ya ul street, 16                                    Tel: + 7-495-664-68-40                                  info@http://primnefteservis.ru
Komsomolsk-on-Amur                                               Fax: + 7-495-664-68-40             
681000 , Khabarovsk Territory

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