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Primnefteservis Shipping Company, is a company specializing in the international delivery of goods (goods) for legal entities, individuals and individual entrepreneurs engaged in foreign economic activities, including the storage of oil and gas product and provision of customs clearance services to their clients.

In this direction, we have a practice of working for over 14 years, for which invaluable experience has been gained, credibility among partners has been won and the trust of numerous clients has been gained. The company's staff is constantly growing, including professionally, and the agent network we have developed also grows and covers practically all countries of the world. Both of these factors allow us to successfully solve the complex tasks that our clients set before us.

Transparency of the process
Our company adheres to the principle of transparency when interacting with customers. Relationships are built on the official contractual basis, and the principle of business etiquette, as well as on the basis of universal and moral values.

Efficiency and accuracy of solving problems
Having staff of experts in the field of logistics, our own lawyers, warehouses and other resources, we are able to ensure the highest possible speed of processing orders and clearly observe the rules of punctuality
      How we are working
International transport and customs clearance in full
We manage the movement of goods from the sender to the destination, including storage, insurance, transportation and customs clearance services.
PSSC "Primnefteservis Shipping Company  is focused on mutually beneficial cooperation. We value our reputation and always fully meet our obligations. This approach to work allows us to provide clients with legal, financial guarantees.

The team of experienced specialists is working on the implementation of each project in our company. Their harmonious work allows to guarantee an effective result. We deliver goods on a daily basis worldwide.We rely on impeccable quality and can guarantee it. Cargo transportation is carried out legally. We comply with the legislation of each of the countries  route in the part related to the transportation of goods internationally
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