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Outsourcing of foreign trade activities
It's no secret that many modern companies purchase equipment and even goods in other countries. That's why private entrepreneurs are interested in fast and reliable delivery of goods from Europe or other regions - this directly affects the success of the business project. But the organization of international cargo transportation is a very complex and responsible procedure, which always involves a lot of risks and force majeure.

Our logistics company will help you protect your business and establish effective foreign economic activity. If you need to arrange cargo transportation or storage from Europe, but you do not know where to start and what to do, we advise you to take advantage of the outsourcing of foreign economic activity.

Why you need outsourcing

Having ordered outsourcing of foreign trade activities, you get an excellent opportunity to concentrate on the main activity of the enterprise and not to worry about the logistics of international transportation. We provide a full package of services and save your time, money and nerves.

First of all, our company coordinates the purchase and payment of the goods you need abroad. Having received and immersed the products, we execute it at customs in full accordance with international  legislation. We take upon ourselves customs clearance in various international sea ports - you get the right product, which has already passed all the obligatory bureaucratic procedures.

For the duration of the transaction, you are assigned a personal agent who is responsible for purchasing and paying for the goods in accordance with the concluded contract, conducting currency accounts and obtaining all permits for purchased products.

If necessary, we are ready to send our legal representative to help your suppliers office and negotiate suitable terms and condition. Foreign companies entrust us the fulfillment of the contract conditions and the delivery of the ordered cargo.

Often we are approached by beginning entrepreneurs who have never cooperated with foreign suppliers. In such cases, our company takes on all the hassle of concluding contracts and establishing economic ties with foreign partners. Tell me what kind of product you need, and we will find it.

After carrying out all the necessary procedures, we will deliver the goods to your destination and sell it to you. This is the main advantage of outsourcing - you are promoting your business, even without leaving home or office.

Remember that international business is not only a lucrative vein, but also a zone of action of a specific legal field. Even a small oversight or an error in the execution of documents can result in significant expenses and losses.

Precaution and professional help here not only will not prevent, but also help to advance in the international arena without unnecessary losses. Valuing our own reputation and the well-being of our clients, we guarantee compliance with all legal norms and regulations when conducting trade and customs procedures.

We provide a whole package of outsourcing services, which includes the following operations:
• execution of foreign economic contracts;
• settlement transactions with suppliers;
• Assistance in obtaining approved permits;
• competent formulation of shipping documentation;
• Delivery of goods from different regions of the world;
• clearance of goods at customs, payment of mandatory payments;
• Transfer of cargo to the customer (sale by bank transfer).
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