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Marine Transportation of Cargo
Thanks to years of experience and high professionalism we have built partnerships with major companies.  We develop the shortest cargo routes for each of our customers.
Railway Freight of Goods
We transport different type of materials by railway transport in accordance with the accepted norms and standards of international legislation, which makes it possible to ensure complete safety of transportation of petroleum products.
Taking oil products for storage, we ensure the safety of the quality of the product.
Having entrusted the storage of our company's petroleum products, you get: a wide range of individual fuel storage tanks; no mixing of different types of petroleum products due to fuel supply through separate pipelines; preserving the quality of your products; operational release of petroleum products.
International transportation
We take care of all stages of transportation of goods from producers to final destinations and storage warehousing, in accordance with your wishes and provide quality service. One of the main advantages of our company is the selection of optimal routes of delivery to the destination. Route is chosen in such a way that would guarantee its safety, timely delivery and low cost of transportation.  All the consignment is monitored, so at any time we can say where it is. The basis of our work is an individual approach to the customer and the carrier and coherence of all participants in the transportation process of highest complexity. Solving the set of organizational issues and choosing the best ways to address the emerging challenges, we deliver your cargo safely at the appointed time.
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